Meet the team

By engaging highly qualified consultants with different political and professional experiences and opinions, we have created a dynamic and creative team of experts. This team gives us the ability, skills and expertise to confront and present solutions to our clients' challenges across a very wide range of business areas. We provide them with expert knowledge and insight into political and decision-making processes.

We know that the ability to meet and understand the points of view of the right people, and building long-term and trustworthy relationships with key decision makers, are essential in today's highly competative marketplace. We also know that understanding local and national political environments and culture, and tailor-making solutions accordingly, is crucial if a company’s interests are to be handled efficiently.

Since we started, Rud Pedersen Public Affairs have had two main requirements when assembling our teams: seniority, and political balance. Today, our team includes former ministers, state secretaries, MPs, MEPs and political advisors – with backgrounds from the entire political spectrum.  

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  • Ulrika Vintmyr

    Public Affairs/Healthcare Manager

  • Ånen Ringard

    Partner & Healthcare Director