Rud Pedersen Denmark launches specialist recruitment consultancy "RP People Denmark"

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As specialists in recruitment consultancy in public affairs and communication, RP People Denmark adds a new dimension to the sector. In addition, the company offers educational training in public affairs and an advisory service for senior executives.

RP People Denmark is able to draw on the expertise, wide-reaching network and extensive knowledge of sister-company employees from Rud Pedersen Public Affairs - the largest public affairs brand in the Nordics.  With colleagues boasting many years of experience in influential positions in the public and private sectors and interest organizations, they enjoy unique access to a range of highly-skilled professionals.  The two companies form part of the Rud Pedersen Group, which includes communications, public relations and marketing businesses across Scandinavia, Finland, Estonia and Brussels.

Gitte Bengtsson is Head of RP People Denmark. She holds a master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and has several years of experience as a board member of, among others, Aspekt R&D A/S and DUOS Group A/S, as well as management positions in, among others, Danish Industry and Danish Regions.

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For further information contact:

Gitte Bengtsson, Head of RP People Denmark.

Tel. +45 20 60 69 78