Summary from the Business Breakfast on Co-Creating EU Policy, Oslo, 7 April

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On 7 of April, Rud Pedersen co-hosted a business breakfast with ReputationInc called Co-Creating EU Policy: the New Dynamics of Public Affairs and Reputation Management from a Nordic Perspective. Follow the link to see our film summarising the event: 


Niels Engelschi√łn, Director-General for European Affairs at the Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, former Norwegian Ambassador to Belgium and Deputy Head of the Norwegian Mission to the EU

Martin Bresson, incoming Managing Partner of Rud Pedersen Brussels, former Minister Councellor for the Danish Representation to the EU 

Kimmo Collander, Senior Advisor at Rud Pedersen Helsinki, and co-author of a recently published book on the European lobbying industry 

Andrew Hammond, Partner at ReputationInc London and former UK Government Special Adviser