New European Healthcare Director to Rud Pedersen Brussels

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On August 1st, the Rud Pedersen Brussels Team will be joined by our new European Health Care Director, Torsten Lindström. Rud Pedersen, the leading Nordic Public Affairs Agency, whichrecently opened an office in Brussels, is now expanding its business in the health care area. 

Health Care policy is becoming increasinglyrelevant in the EU system for businesses and with the upscaling of Rud Pedersen’s Health Care competence in Brussels our offering to clients in this area will be greatly enhanced.  

“It is business crucial for Healthcare companies to understand and manoeuvre the political business environment at all levels. Local markets are strongly connected to European processes” says Torsten Lindström 

Torsten Lindström is currently Senior Vice President for the Rud Pedersen Group as well as European Healthcare Director advising clients in the Nordics as well as in Europe.

“I am looking forward with great enthusiasm to Torsten joining the Rud Pedersen Brussels Team. Torsten’s in-depth knowledge of the health care area and moreover his expertise across sectors in offering strategic advice on the highest levels will be a major asset to current and future clients in Brussels” says Martin Bresson, Managing Partner, Rud Pedersen Brussels. 

In an EU currently facing political turmoil and uncertainty, Rud Pedersen is strengthening our presence and working with European institutions to secure the best possible advice and support for existing and new clients. 


About Torsten Lindström 

Torsten’s expertise is in strategic communication within the political business environment, creating value for all stakeholders at local, national, Nordic and European level. He is an experienced adviser to senior management inmulti-national and local companies, trade associations and the public sector, with a clear focus on achieving the client´s objectives. 

Torsten chairs the Rud Pedersen Healthcare team in Brussels and the Nordics. His knowledge of the many, and varied, areas of the healthcare and welfare systems in the Nordic region and the EU is based on experience from several senior roles as manager, adviser and decision-maker in both the public and private sectors. He has a multiple-stakeholder approach to advising clients on the most appropriate strategic methods and the concrete steps required to reach their objectives. He can balance issues related to society in general, as well as business performance, ensuring every stakeholder’s point of view is considered. He is just at home working with Sweden, the Nordics and Europe, as well as globally with our international clients.

Torsten covers all steps of our clients’ business value chain. He has previously been a Member of the Swedish Parliament, a policy advisor in the Prime Minister's office, a member of several hospital boards and an elected politician at the municipality and regional level. Furthermore, Torsten has been Head of Public Affairs and CSR at a major pharmaceutical company, also dealing with market access, business development and EU policies. 

Torsten has an Executive MBA degree, and degrees in History and Education. He has also taken courses in Management, Finance, Strategy and Healthcare.


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