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All Nordic healthcare systems are at the centre of tax-financed welfare systems, so it is vital that suppliers to the healthcare markets understand how the systems work. All Nordic countries are facing both common and country specific challenges; one major challenge is how their healthcare systems will be able to provide high quality care to an aging population. The importance of understanding the political business environment and implementing advocacy as part of a company’s market access plan is now business crucial for suppliers to the healthcare sector.

Rud Pedersen’s dedicated healthcare team consists of senior consultants in all four countries that help our clients navigate the complex map of the healthcare sector in their specific market. We identify our clients' key stakeholders, and help develop and deploy strategies to successfully improve our clients' public affairs and market access strategies.

Our team have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the political business environment at the European, national and regional levels, as well as experience from working with Nordic strategies offering coherence to our clients’ messages and profiles. With our knowledge of the similarities and differences between the healthcare systems, we have great experience from working with advocacy projects supporting the client’s business objectives and long-term advocacy plan.

We help clients develop tailor-made strategies, followed by operative support in the implementation of those strategies. Our team is well versed in coordinating strategies and actions in all four countries and ensuring that they all adhere to an overarching strategy for the specific client. Additionally, we offer training for the client’s entire team to help them understand the political business environment with details tailored to the client’s specific business area. 

Public Affairs training for suppliers to the healthcare sector

In addition to our more traditional strategic advice and stakeholder communication, Rud Pedersen’s healthcare team is experienced in Public Affairs training specifically tailored to suit the needs of suppliers to the healthcare sector.

We have carried out training sessions for the benefit of trade associations, pharmaceutical companies and patient organisations, just to mention a few. Our training aims at increasing participants’ understanding of the healthcare systems, the decision-making processes, and the different roles of politicians, civil servants, expert groups, drug formula committees etc.

Rud Pedersen’s Annual Nordic Healthcare Seminar

Once a year, our Nordic healthcare team hosts a seminar with updates regarding the healthcare systems in the four national markets. The seminar is usually held at a venue close to one of the major airports to ensure easy access for interested participants from all countries.

Our next seminar is currently being planned for February 2017. Sounds interesting? Contact us for more information. 

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